Booking & cancellations

Full payment is due at the time of booking. If you must cancel your stay, at least 24 hours advance notice must be given and we will refund you in full. Cancellations made within 24 hours will be honored but one night's stay will be charged to you. Space willing, we will take same day bookings.


check-in & check-out

Check-in is 3 PM. We allow for late night check-ins. Check-out is 12 PM. Any damages incurred to the room and its amenities during your stay will be charged to you. 


security & rules

We are a secure home and we always have staff on premises. The front gate is locked at night and you are asked to keep your belongings locked in your room. We enjoy spending time together in the communal spaces like the restaurant and the garden. Please respect other guests right to privacy. At night guests are invited to enjoy the communal spaces, again respecting other guests rights to peace and quiet after hours.